President Obama’s Plan For Free Community College

I was beyond excited when I heard the announcement that President Obama is proposing for Community College to be free and accessible for all students in the US. What a brilliant idea. College in this country has been increasing the divide between the upper class society and the rest of the country with each year that passes and each tuition increase. It is not uncommon for an undergraduate degree to cost $200,000 for a Liberal Arts degree now and unfortunately, a B.S. is seemingly no more valuable than a high school diploma anymore. Something has to be done, a major overhaul of the higher education system needs to be implemented and maybe this is the step in the right direction. The only part of the proposed plan that I don’t agree with at present is the fact that students only need to maintain a 2.5 GPA to maintain their scholarship. With the rigor of Community College being what it is, I think students should have to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. A solid B is not too much to ask in exchange for a free education in my opinion.

This proposal will open so many doors for people, regardless of socio-economic status. It would be great for students of all backgrounds to be able to get out of college with little to no debt so they can graduate without that burden on their plates. Who knows, maybe that will increase careers in fields that are more altruistic in nature (teachers, social workers, nurses, etc…) rather than focused solely on salary.

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